8th Grade Biographies

Congrats to our MS Masquers – Class of 2023!

Valentina Atlas (Stage Crew)

This is Valentina Atlas’s first year in the Masquers. She’s enjoying being part of the tech crew and watching the play take shape. Her favorite part is assembling the underwater scenes.

Gracey Bordas (Flotsam)

Gigi Bordas is playing the role of Flotsam in The Little Mermaid Jr. She has always adored the idea of musical theater, although she never performed in a show before this. Singing, dancing, and acting have been her biggest interests for as long as she can remember and being able to finally share her hobbies on stage with others who feel the same passion brings her great joy. Thank you all for sharing this memorable experience with Gigi!

Marguerite Collier (Jetsam)

This is Maggie’s first year joining the NSMS Masquers even though throughout elementary school, Maggie was a part of the theater club. She is very excited to be a part of The Little Mermaid Jr.  and hopes to keep being a part of theater in high school! She would like to thank all her friends that convinced her to join the musical, and all the teachers who have put in the time to help make it happen!

Sofia Conway (Andrina/Princess #1)

This is Sofia’s third production with the NSMS Masquers. She is so excited to play Andrina and Princess #1 in The Little Mermaid Jr. Sofia was in Footloose, last year’s musical and the 2022 spring play Trapped. She has also done all the plays and musicals in elementary school. Sofia loves to be a part of the theater and enjoys acting with her peers. She learned a lot from her past performances and can’t wait to be a part of her final musical at the middle school.                                 

Luca Dekkers (Prince Eric)

This is Luca’s 2nd year in the NSMS Masquers. The Little Mermaid Jr. is his first musical! Luca has been in elementary school productions including The Fisherman and His Wife, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He hopes to keep doing theater as long as possible with the friends he will make along the way of his acting journey. Luca would like to say a big thank you to all his teachers, directors, and friends who helped him grow and persevere in theater.

Julia Friedberg (Aquata/Princess #2)

Julia Friedberg loves musical theater- the dancing, singing, acting and all of the friends she makes along the way. She is thrilled to be in her 3rd NSMS musical, and her 5th Masquers production. She has played other roles, such as Little Willie in the 4th grade production, The Fisherman and his Wife, Jasmine in Aladdin, Kim in Bye Bye Birdie, Molly in Annie, and so much more! She is very committed to the theater. She would love to thank Mr. Chillemi, Ms. K., Mr. Messemer and Ms. Vestuto for their support and guidance

Olivia Kenny (Allana/Princess #6)

This is Olivia’s third year and fourth show with the NSMS Masquers, which she loves doing. She has also participated in her elementary school shows and in many Jazz Hands Children’s Theatre productions. Her favorite roles include Mrs. Wormwood (Matilda), Moana (Moana), and Elsa (Sound of Music). Her favorite shows are Heathers, Beetlejuice, Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hansen, Funny Girl, Waitress, Carrie and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Olivia is so excited to work on The Little Mermaid with the cast and crew! Thank you to all of the crew, staff, and cast members.

Sophie Leigh (Grimsby)

This is Sophie Leigh’s first year performing in the NSMS Masquers theater production. Back in sixth grade, she helped out backstage with Mr. Benfield doing stage crew. She is excited to continue doing theater in high school.

Virginia Levine (Featured Dancer)

This is Virginia Levine’s second show with the North Shore Middle School Masquers. She was in Trapped last year and is currently doing The Little Mermaid.  She loves to be on stage in front of an audience and enjoys performing very much. She loves singing and dancing with her friends and hopes to continue in high school.

Olivia McCarthy (Ariel)

Olivia is excited to be performing in her fifth NSMS Masquers production as Ariel in The Little Mermaid! Olivia has always loved performing on stage. Some of her favorite roles she has played include, Annie in Annie, Wendy Jo in Footloose and Michael Banks in Mary Poppins. Olivia is honored to be performing and learning alongside her fellow actors and directors who push her and challenge her to grow and improve every rehearsal. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew on an amazing show!

Abigail Monte (Ursula)

This is Abigail Monte’s third musical with the NSMS Masquers. Abigail loves to sing, act, and dance on stage. She is so excited to participate in her last musical at the middle school and is looking forward to acting in the high school as well. She always looks forward to the musical every year and is so thankful to have such an amazing director, choreographer, choral teacher and more. She loves doing this production and is so excited for The Little Mermaid Jr.!

Juliet Monte (Stage Crew)

Juliet Monte has been doing crew for the last three productions. Juliet loves to be part of the production and is excited to work on plays and musicals in high school. Juliet wants to thank all of the cast and crew for making the musicals and plays so much fun and one of her favorite parts of her middle school experience.

Mia Pinto (Sebastian)

This is Mia’s third year performing in the NSMS Masquers productions, and 6th year doing theater all together. She is also doing another performance at the moment, playing Maria in The Sound of Music and has done multiple other shows in the past. She is so excited to perform in this year’s The Little Mermaid, and she is ready for what will come her way in high school next year! She wants to thank everyone who has helped her along the way, and she hopes you enjoy the show!

Metta Pollio (Stage Crew)

This is Metta’s first year as a crew member in a NSMS musical. Although she’s been on stage in several school plays, she finds backstage work to be her niche. Metta is super excited to be building sets and working backstage during the show. She enjoys the overall camaraderie of the cast, and wants to thank Mr. Chillemi, Ms. Vestuto, and all of the teachers that helped to bring The Little Mermaid to NSMS!

Julia Price (Arista/Princess #4)

This is Julia’s first Masquers performance, although musical theater has long been part of her life. She very much enjoys being a part of this wonderful community and hopes to continue to sing and grow alongside such wonderful, talented thespians. She truly loves theater, and the joy it brings to both those onstage and in the audience. Her favorite musicals are probably The Last Five Years, Pippin, Hamilton, tick, tick, …BOOM!, and Newsies, but there are so many more that she can’t wait to discover. She is so grateful to everyone who made the NSMS Masquers Production of The Little Mermaid possible.

Cecilia Reilly (Chef Louis)

Ceci has been participating in the productions at NSMS since 2020. She loves to sing and dance, so she naturally enjoys musicals the most! She’s had a blast performing here, and can’t wait to continue in high school. She wants to thank Mr. Chillemi, Mr. Messemer, and all the other lovely teachers who help out with the theater program, and her family for always being there to support her!

Xiaoya Sun (Stage Crew)

This is Xiaoya Sun’s first year with stage crew. She is ready and excited to become a part of the team.

Noah Thompson (Seahorse)

It has been a wonderful time at the Masquers. Thank you all so much for teaching me to act, sing, and paint, making it such a creative, involved experience.