8th Grade Biographies

Congrats to our MS Masquers – Class of 2022

Lucia Cagno (Rickenoch Baynor/ Ensemble 2)

This is Lucia’s first year at NSMS, and it is her first show with the Masquers. She has some acting experience as she was in plays such as Peter Pan. In her free time, she likes to swim, play guitar, and rock climb.  She is very excited for all of the memories she will get to make with her friends while putting on the show. Lucia would like to thank everyone who made this show possible, and her friends & family for supporting her so much.

Mae Curiale (Gwendolyn Heche)

This is Mae’s third NSMS Masquers production, but her first time ever being in a play! She has been in many productions including Rusty (Footloose), Annie (Annie), Matilda (Matilda), and Flounder (The Little Mermaid). She would like to thank all of the adults who work behind the scenes on the middle school performances, and all of her fellow theatre kids who have made her experience in the NSMS shows so amazing. She has made so many wonderful memories. She is so sad that her NSMS theatre days are now over, but can’t wait to be in the high school shows!

Luna Espinosa De Rozas

(Issa Fuente)

To those that know her she is the definition of humble. She always knew she was born to be that Hispanic chick in that one play with aliens, so this was her chance to shine. From a young age, Luna has shown a passion for the spotlight and is a self proclaimed narcissist! As her parents like to say, she was practically raised on Broadway, (or Broadway adjacent, in Queens). Although she struggles with delivering lines with sincerity, she is so excited to be a part of Trap. She would like to thank Ms. Vestuto for letting her publish her unedited bio. She has always viewed playbill bios as a form of self expression that should not be censored.

Josef Hunter (Crew)

Josef Hunter is a teen who loves singing and acting! He has been in shows such as Frozen, Emma, and Footloose. Theater has allowed him to make amazing friends. He’d like to thank all the teachers that have helped him along the way.                                  

Evangeline Lau (Kendra Silberling-student)

This is her final middle school performance with the Masquers. She has previously made appearances in Frozen Jr,  10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine, and Footloose.  It has been an amazing experience to be a part of these productions, and she has been inspired to expand her performance abilities to include dancing with Pulse and learning to play the guitar. She is looking forward to the incredible opportunities that await her in Masquers at North Shore High School. She would like to thank her parents and teachers.

Penelope Lonigro (Marion Jay)

This is Penelope Lonigro’s second show with the NSMS Masquers. She has done previous theater with Jazz Hands outside of school, but after COVID, she gave the school’s theater program a try and enjoyed acting and singing and dancing in Footloose. She loves the cast she worked with and can’t wait to get to know the newcomers in this new production, Trap. She is willing to give it her all to make this show unforgettable. Thank you!

Jacob Ludmar (Brian Gurbaxhani/Harte Forbush)

This is Jacob’s first performance at the North Shore Middle School Spring Play. He did a few plays in elementary school. He is ready to try new things and get experiences.

Ava Maffei (Ephrain Salas)

This is Ava’s 6th show with the NSMS Masquers. Ava has done every show since she came here in 6th grade. Ava loves theater and performing on stage. Before the middle school, she did Jazz Hands Children’s Theater where she was in Annie (Duffy), Beauty and the Beast (Silly Girl), Guys and Dolls (Adelaide), and Mary Poppins (Mrs. Corry). Ava is also a dancer at Let’s Make Music and Dance Studio and is on their competition team. Ava would like to thank Mr. Chillemi, Ms. Beccarino, Ms. Vestuto, and her mom. She never could have gotten where she is without all of them. Ava will miss the middle school when she leaves next year, but she has had some of the best times with her fellow Masquers during the shows.

Delilah McAuliffe (Angela Lure)

This is Delilah’s 4th performance with the North Shore Middle School Masquers. In the fall, Delilah starred in Footloose as Ariel Moore. Some of the other roles Delilah has played include, Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, Kim MaCaffe in Bye Bye Birdie and P.T Barnum in The Greatest Showman. Delilah is honored to be in her last and final performance with NSMS. She will cherish all the amazing friends she made along the way, and this will stay with her forever. Thank you Mr Chillemi, Mrs. Beccarino, Ms. Vestuto, and Mr. Messemer for making this experience over the last three years Delilah’s favorite part of middle school.

Abigail Neice (Real Kenosha-Silberling Johnson)

This is Abigail’s third theater production. She was in the Ensemble of Emma: A Pop Musical, and played Vi Moore in Footloose! Abigail’s favorite shows include Funny Girl, Wicked and Tick… Tick… Boom! Abigail also loves singing, dancing, playing instruments, and gymnastics. She is so excited to play Real Kenosha in this production of Trap. She’d like to thank her directors and everyone around her for helping her persevere in theater!

Alexa Petulla (Kenosha Silberling-Johnson)

Alexa Petulla has been a part of the North Shore Middle School Masquers since 6th grade. This is Alexa’s last year in the middle school and she is grateful for the numerous opportunities she has been given. Her past performances include Footloose, Frozen, Jr., Emma, and Law and Order: Fairy Tale Edition. She loves theater and hopes to grow as an actor, singer, and dancer as she travels to the high school next year.

Keira Rechsteiner (Sergeant Brock)

Keira Rechsteiner is an 8th grader who loves painting, going to concerts, and drawing. Although it is only her second production with the school, this is Keira’s 10th theater production overall. She has participated in shows such as You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown (Lucy Van Pelt), Shrek the Musical (Lord Farquaad), and Annie (Grace). She is very excited to be ending her middle school theater experience alongside very talented cast members, and making great FRIENDSHIPS through theater. She’d like to thank Mr. Benfield for always listening to her grade’s gossip when she talks about it. Thanks Mr. Ben Ben!!!!

Zhiyi Shen (Crew)

This is Zhiyi’s second year being in the North Shore Middle School Play, the first time being nearly two years ago. He decided that he might as well just go and try it out one more time.

John Skamagas (Donovan)

John Skamagas is an actor in the NSMS Masquers. He has been in Law and Order Fairy Tale Unit, Emma: A Pop Musical, 10 Ways to Survive Life in Quarantine, Frozen Jr., the GWL CREW assembly, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Oliver Twist, and The Elves and the Shoemaker. He enjoys being able to be in this theatrical experience and can’t wait to be on stage. Thank you!

Michela Talamo (Melissa Tengue)

Although this is Michela’s first play, she has always loved the thrill of sitting in the theater and watching the hard work of the actors who are so passionate about their roles! She is ecstatic that she will now get to experience what it is like to be working with individuals who pour their heart into their role on stage. She hopes she plays the part of Melissa Tengue, an evolutionary biologist, in such a soulful manner as them. 

Joshlynn Wang (Danalynn Morse)

This is their last year doing theater in middle school, and they tried to be in every show despite the fact that they don’t want to do theater when they’re older. Thank you to everyone who worked on the production and the cast. The end 😀