8th Grade Biographies

Congrats to our MS Masquers – Class of 2023!

Gracey Bordas (Witch, Puppet 1 & 2)

Gracey Bordas is excited to be back on stage yet again after formally performing in The Little Mermaid Jr. back in January. She looks forward to continuing her passion in theater and acting in high school. Thank you all for sharing this memorable experience with Gigi!!

Zahrah Chin (TV Man)

This is Zahrah’s third year in the NSMS Masquers Spring Play. She has also appeared for several years in productions with Jazz Hands Theatre. In addition to acting, Zahrah enjoys being a part of the NSMS Cheerleaders and hopes to continue in both when she moves on to NSHS. Zahrah would like to thank Mr. Chillemi, Ms. Vestuto and Mr. Messemer for all of their support these past three years.

Marguerite Collier (Bill Shakespeare)

This is Maggie’s second time being in a NSMS Masquers production, and her first time in the spring play. She is very excited for her role and to spend time with all the people in the cast. She would like to thank all of her friends in the production for convincing her to join.

Luca Dekkers (Macbeth)

This is Luca’s second year and third show with the NSMS Masquers. He has been in The Little Mermaid Jr. (Prince Eric), and many other shows in elementary school. Doing theater has been his favorite part of middle school, and he cannot wait for high school to continue his passion of being on stage. He will cherish the memories he made over his middle school theater days and cannot wait for more memories to come. He would also like to thank Mr. Chillemi and Ms.Vestuto who made him excited to go to rehearsal every day and encouraged him to continue his passion.                               

Jade Feuerborn (Othello)

This is Jade’s third year participating in the NSMS Masquers. She has been in Law & Order: Fairytale, Footloose, and Trap. She is so excited to work with the talented students of North Shore who fully embrace their brilliance. She has so many great memories from all of the productions and cannot wait to make more.

Madelynn Freeman (Ophelia)

This is Madelynn’s first play in middle school. Although she hasn’t participated in a play, she wanted to and loved watching from the audience. She’s excited to do this play with her friends.

Julia Friedberg (Student Director)

Although Julia wasn’t able to be in the show as part of the cast, she still wanted to be a part of the show. Julia has been a part of the NSMS Masquers since Emma, her sixth-grade musical. She loves the theater and the community that comes along with it. Julia did not want to miss out on the wonderful experience, so she asked Mr. Chillemi if she could help out. With a little bit of negotiating, he was convinced.

Olivia Kenny (Burbage, Iago)

This is Olivia’s third year and fifth show with the NSMS productions. She has also participated in her elementary school shows and in many Jazz Hands Children’s Theatre productions. Her favorite roles include Mrs. Wormwood (Matilda), Moana (Moana), and Elsa (Sound of Music). Her favorite shows are Heathers, Beetlejuice, Mean Girls, Funny Girl, Carrie, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Olivia is so excited to work on this unique and fun show with the cast and crew! Thank you to all of the crew and cast members, and a special shoutout to all the teachers and staff who made this show come together!

Sophie Leigh (Jerry Springer)

This is Sophie Leigh’s first year performing in the NSMS Masquers theater production. Back in sixth grade, she helped out backstage with Mr. Benfield doing stage crew. She is excited to continue doing theater in high school.

Virginia Levine (Director)

This is Virginia’s third show with the NSMS Masquers. She was in Little Mermaid Jr. and is currently in I Hate Shakespeare.  She loves to be on stage in front of an audience and enjoys performing very much. She is very sad to be leaving middle school, but is looking forward to performing in high school.

Olivia McCarthy (Hamlet)

Olivia is excited to be performing in her last NSMS Masquers production of I Hate Shakespeare. It is a bittersweet feeling as she has loved participating in all of the shows alongside her friends. She has performed in all of the NSMS productions since 6th grade including Emma, Law and Order, Footloose, Trap and The Little Mermaid, Jr. Olivia is thankful for all the guidance from the directors she has received throughout all the shows. She is looking forward to making this show her best one yet!

Abigail Monte (Cow)

This is Abigail Monte’s third play in the middle school. Her past performances include Law and Order: Fairytale Unit and Trap. She is so excited to participate in her last play at the middle school and is looking forward to acting in the high school. She always looks forward to the play every year and is so thankful to have such amazing directors this year. She loved doing this production and is so excited for I Hate Shakespeare!

Juliet Monte (Stage Crew)

This is Juliet’s third and final year being a part of the middle school productions. Juliet loves helping out and being a part of such great performances. Juliet is very sad to leave the middle school but extremely excited to join the high school crew. Juliet also wants to thank all the teachers who created these wonderful experiences for them.

Mia Pinto (Unhappy Person/Ghost)

This is Mia’s final show with the NSMS Masquers. She is so happy to have been a part of this community for three years, and she is ready for what’s to come in high school. She wants to thank Mr. Chillemi and Ms. Vestuto for helping her all these years. Theatre has been a huge part of her life for so many years, and this community has made it so much better. Thank you to everyone, and she hopes you enjoy the show!

Cecilia Reilly (Jim Lange)

Ceci has been participating in the productions of NSMS since 2020. She loves participating in all the theater activities at NSMS! She’s had a blast performing here and can’t wait to continue in high school. She wants to thank Mr. Chillemi, Mr. Messemer, and all the other lovely teachers who help out with the theatre program here, and her family for always being there to support her!

Cara Simoniello (Narrator)

This is Cara’s first year doing the Spring Play for the NSMS Masquers. Although she has never done things like this before, she loves watching the end product of these productions. She is excited about working with others during this play and hopefully making some new friends during the making of I Hate Shakespeare

Xiaoya Sun (Stage Crew)

This is Xiaoya Sun’s first year with stage crew. She is ready and excited to become a part of the team.