Senior Biographies

Congrats to our HS Masquers – Class of 2023


Sarah is very excited to be performing Inherit the Wind, she really enjoys the show and has been enjoying playing her character. She has been Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime, and the Happy Medium in A Wrinkle in Time, as a child she was Baby June in Gypsy, and she is currently in Mr. Brateman’s acting 3 class which has been quite enjoyable. She wants to thank all the crew people, her cast, Mr. Brateman, and her family. Every performance she does is dedicated to her late dog Toby. Thank you for reading. 

HAYDEN CITKO (Sound Crew) 

Doing sound crew for the past few years has been an honor. I would like to thank Mr. Chillemi, Mr. Domingo, and everyone on the sound crew. 

“”Gregory Saridakis” – Gregory Saridakis” – Gregory Saridakis 

EFFY JABLE (Stage Crew) 

I’m very happy to be involved in this year’s production. I plan on playing in an orchestra in college. I’m also very thankful for my family for supporting me through all of my high school years.

TREVOR JANUSAS (Mr. Bannister)

Throughout his time in the theater department at North Shore High School, Trevor has been an actor in shows such as The Government Inspector, Guys and Dolls, The 39 Steps, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, and Hello, Dolly! And, that’s just in High School! He wants to thank his entire family for their love and support and wishes a great show to all!


I’ve been an active member of the Viking Masquers community since 7th grade, and have been involved in the theater world since kindergarten. My first show at North Shore was Into the Woods where I was cast as the Witch. There, I fell in love with the theater community at North Shore, as well as found lifelong friends and family within the department. This is my second year as president of the Viking Masquers club. I enjoyed performing in Inherit the Wind, but I have also previously worked on sound crew, as an assistant director, and as a stage manager for middle school shows. I would like to thank my family for supporting me and coming to the last 13 years’ worth of shows. To the Masquers: thank you all for being such wonderful people. I admire each and every one of you, and I hope you know that no matter how far apart we are, you will always be my family. Best of luck to everyone in the future! I love you all and I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to get to know you all.


Gabby has been involved in music and art from a very young age. She is in the National Art Honor Society and Tri-M Music honor society. After seeing North Shore’s Theater productions, she became inspired to take part in the production during her senior year. Gabby also looks forward to the senior play as well as the spring musical. 

GREGORY SARIDAKIS (Matthew Harrison Brady) 

I’ve spent the last 4 years being the most notorious threat to the performing arts department. All fear me. Mrs.K, since day one, knew my hips didn’t lie. Mr. Wilgoos thought I literally was gonna take down the house. Ms. Hahn thought I could rupture everyone’s eardrums. Now with Mr. Catalano and Mr. Brateman, I have extended my spheres of influence and will continue my reign of terror for years to come. This being my third and last show isn’t disappointing to me, but actually exciting. It’s like seeing who I was and how I’ve changed. Playing these antagonist macho men was alright but really making and being a part of such a great community was more important to me. Shoutout to Mrs. Rodriguez, because she also paved the way for me in some ways. Thank you to Mr. Kleba, the most influential teacher and director I will ever meet – I am lucky to have ever worked under his direction. Mr. Brateman is also one of the nicest and most thought-provoking directors to exist. If I had to endure one more “What do you want?” – I’d probably go mad. The opportunities I’ve been offered here are nothing short of dope. I mean I really was able to find my vocation through the help of Mr. Brateman and Mr. Catalano. They fueled a passion otherwise left untapped. I’ve played guitar for years and wrote songs, but I never cared much for it. I was expressive in my comical hypotheticals, but never felt the need to share my visions with the masses. I’m so thankful for all the upperclassmen I’ve been heavily influenced by over the years.


I’ve been involved in the theater program since the start of freshman year. I’ve enjoyed every production and director that I’ve had, despite the things that have slowed me down. In freshman year, when I first joined, I was greeted by so many amazing people. One of them was the amazing Mr. Willgoos, who put on The Government Inspector, a show that will remain with me for the rest of my life. I was unceremoniously appointed to head of the props department by Mr. Benfield, a role I had genuinely no idea how to do. But through the support and help of Emma Novikov, we were ready for the show in the end. Our production of Guys and Dolls was sadly cut short just a week before opening due to the pandemic. This pandemic almost seemed to have killed the theater program, but through the amazing work of Mrs. Rodriguez, Mr. Domingo, Mr. Benfield, Mr. Bianco, Mr. Kleba, and all of the cast and crew, we were able to put on two more amazing shows. The following year we had Mr. Brateman join our school as our new director. Through the literal never-ending persistence of my teachers, friends, and family, I finally decided to audition for the spring musical (to the excitement of everyone). It was probably the greatest thing I have ever done. Now in my senior year, I can’t bear the end of the play, but also cannot wait for the spring musical, as well as the senior play. I’m dreading leaving this wonderful school, amazing program, and all of its kind and caring constituents. I’ll also miss the unmentioned Mr. Catalano, who has also played a huge role in my development in high school.