Senior Biographies

Congrats to our HS Masquers – Class of 2022

Daniel Becker (Stage Crew Team Leader)

“The greatness of a man is not how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively” -Bob Marley

Ella Blumenthal (Irene Molloy)

Thank you to this community for giving me something so difficult to leave. Thank you for teaching me how to be brave. I believe in you all so very much. I miss you already.

Julia Capitelli (Viola)

I have been playing the viola since third grade, and this is my first musical. I am very excited to be in the pit orchestra this year for Hello Dolly! Next year, I plan to major in journalism at Hofstra.

Mia Crocco (Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi)

I would like to thank the Masquers for such
incredible experiences over my high school career. I can’t say enough about the quality of the program and the amazing people who make it a place I have been glad to have spent these past four years.
Congratulations to everyone on a truly incredible show! ❤

Chelsea Dulaski (Assistant Choreographer)

Chelsea has a lot of experience in the world of dance as she has danced for 16 years, including three years of competition. Throughout those years, she has taken classes of various styles including tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern, contemporary, and acrobatics. She also student taught from ages two to ten from seventh grade to tenth grade. Chelsea joined the high school dance class in her sophomore year when it was introduced and has continued through her current senior year. Chelsea was also the assistant producer of last year’s fall play and spring musical as well as an assistant choreographer for last year’s spring musical. This year, Chelsea was the head producer of the fall play and is the assistant choreographer of the musical: Hello, Dolly! She also currently interns alongside Mrs.Kuranishi assisting in high school classes, middle school productions, and the theater program.

Emma Dulaski (Assistant Choreographer)

Emma has been dancing for 16 years. She started dancing when she was 2 and began dancing competitively in 4th grade. Emma started taking the school dance classes with Mrs. Kuranishi in 10th grade and is currently enrolled in the Advanced Dance class. Along with her twin sister, Chelsea, Emma has been an intern for Mrs. Kuranishi. Chelsea and Emma have worked alongside Mrs. K as
assistant choreographers in both the middle school and high school musicals for the past two years.

Steven Eder (Trombone)

Hello, Dolly! will be my 2nd musical with the pit. I have had the honor of being an all-state trombone this year, and to participate with the Hofstra band for the past 3 years. I am looking forward to pursue the trombone in college and expand my musical knowledge.

Willaim Hunt (Guitar/Banjo)

My name is Will and I’ve been a member of the arts for all my life, along with playing sports. This year I became band president and I’m happy to be
helping out with the production of Hello, Dolly!

Hannah Ikawa (Clarinet/Tenor Sax)

NSHA symphonic band, Jazz band NYSSMA, All-State, Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, Tri-m board member, clarinet teacher

Michael McMahon (Trombone)

I have played the Trombone ever since 3rd grade. With some help from my private tutor Dave, I made it to every all county starting I think in 5th grade and 3 NYSBDAs in 8th grade, 10th grade, and 11th grade. This all culminated in me performing in the all-state band this year. I currently play in the jazz band as well as the Hofstra band. I have played in a musical in 8th grade I believe and I’m excited to play in this musical.

Michael Morra (Trumpet)

This is my first time performing in the pit, I have been studying trumpet for seven years. I plan to go into music education and I am grateful to be given this experience.

James Owens (Lighting Team Leader)

This year I was given the role of Team Leader for Light Crew and I felt that it was a hard, but fun job. There were moments where I struggled but in the end me and my crew came together to produce all the lighting designs that are in this musical, Hello Dolly. This is my final show and I will miss being a part of this theater crew since we just have so much fun at rehearsals whether we are doing our jobs or just hanging out with each other. This moment will stick with me throughout my life and I had a great time being a part of my crew and this theater group.

Lily Perrotta (Cello)

Hey! I play the cello and have, by unpopular demand, decided to do that professionally for the rest of my life. Many thanks to the other strings in the pit orchestra for being entertaining, to my teachers for never discouraging me or making me feel incapable, and to Ella Blumenthal, in general.

Matthew Rodriguez (Trumpet)

“NSHS Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, NYSSMA All-State, Hofstra University Symphonic Band, Tri-m board member, trumpet tutor and slide whistle master.

This is my 3rd musical (The Addams Family,
Annie, Hello Dolly).”

Ryaan Sabooni (Featured Dancer)

I’m truly grateful for everyone who led me here. Thank you to everyone, you’re all appreciated. It’s been a ride.

Abigail Schwab (Viola)

Hi! I like playing the viola and playing in the pit orchestra for Hello, Dolly! was a good time!

Norimi Truskinovsky (Ensemble)

I am excited to be finishing up one last production at NSHS as a member of the ensemble in Hello, Dolly! In the past, I have participated in The Addams Family and Guys and Dolls. I am thankful for this opportunity and am grateful to have shared wonderful memories with such incredible people. Congratulations to the cast and crew!
-#1 Butter

James Vanchieri (Bass)

I have been a part of the theater department for all four years of my high school career. This is a place where honestly, magic happens and I am so honored to say that I have been a part of this amazing community. No matter what was going on in my life, the theater department was my only constant. I made friends here and experienced so many amazing memories that I will cherish forever. Even though I won’t see a lot of the amazing and talented people that I have worked with after I finish high school, the whole theater department will always have a place in my heart.

Keeghan Vulpis (Drum Set)

In earlier years, I took part in All-County for French Horn. I’ve continued with French horn and have also taken up drumming with drumline and jazz band in high school. In the future I plan to continue playing music in college.

Ian Zhan (Ensemble)

“Here we are! Show 8/8, and I get to watch as my director continues to beg that I submit a serious bio—here’s to hoping this one actually makes the cut. In all seriousness, though, high school theater has been a wonderful experience. After having joined the light crew my freshman year and having worked on Twelve Angry Men, Pippin, The Government Inspector, Guys and Dolls, The 39 Steps, The Addams Family, and then finally the light crew Team Leader for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Yes, it’s a long name) along with assisting with several Middle School productions, I thought to myself, “Why not be on stage for once?” Now I get to don the greatest outfit of all time and watch as I’ve shed all responsibility and accountability for what happens with the lights. Sorry, James. It had to be done.
And, for the record, I’m 5’6.”