Caroline Benfield (Polonius/Murderer) This is Caroline Benfield’s first NSMS play! She enjoyed the experience of working with others and collaborating.

Amalia Carpenter (Lady Macbeth) is in 6th grade and loves the theater. Her past performances include The Little Mermaid Jr., Sound of Music, Matilda and Cinderella. Amalia is looking forward to her future years at North Shore.

Stella Cashman (Queen Gertrude) This is Stella’s third NSMS Masquers production. She is in 7th grade and has participated in Trap, and The Little Mermaid Jr! She is so excited for this year’s play!

Violet Curiale (Juliet, Zombie) is so excited to be in this show. Congrats to the whole cast and crew!

Avery DiMeola (Stage Crew) loves participating in the plays and musicals. So far, she has done Footloose, Trap, The Little Mermaid, and now, I Hate Shakespeare, (And several out of school productions). Avery absolutely loves the stage crew and can’t wait for next year’s play and musical. 

Jane Espinosa De Rozas (Claudius) is in 6th grade and so excited to be playing Claudius. She was also in the musical and had a blast!

Kieran Goff (Ted) This is Kieran‘s second time performing with the NSMS Masquers. Even with all the Shakespeare he had to learn, he has had lots of fun being part of this show.

Mila Hamm (Richard III) This is Mila’s second show with the Masquers. She is so excited to be in another production. Thank you to the directors; she couldn’t ask for better directors for the Masquers. 

Nate Horstmann (Stage Crew) This is Nate’s first play. He’s super excited to be a part of the stage crew.

Ava Kim (Desdemona) is an actor who plays Desdemona in I Hate Shakespeare. Her previous roles include dance ensemble in The Little Mermaid, and a mouse in The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Yanyi Liu (Messenger, Zombie Lady Anne) is really excited to be in the play. This is her first time, so she hopes it goes well!

Michael Llewellyn (Stage Crew) This is Michael’s first play. He also worked on The Little Mermaid. He’s so excited for you all to see the play.

Willow Lonigro (Traditional Juliet) This is her second show with NSMS Masquers. When she’s not acting, she loves to go to the beach and play the clarinet. Thank you to her family and friends for their support.

Annie Lopez (Cheerleader, Emcee) is in 6th grade and plays the cheerleader.

Ryan Marco (Laertes) This is his second production for the NSMS Masquers. He knows it’ll be an amazing show!

Damiana Mitchell (Sheila, Zombie) is so excited to be performing in I Hate Shakespeare. This is her second time performing with the NSMS Masquers. Hope you like the show!

Jacklyn Monte (Timon, Spirit) This is Jacklyn’s first play for middle school, and she is super excited. She enjoyed being crew for the musical and can’t wait to be part of I Hate Shakespeare.

Victoria Monte (Puck) is excited to be in her first middle school play. She was part of the crew for the musical but can’t wait to take the stage this time!

Maria Moumoutjis (Bob) is very grateful and excited to be playing the role of Bob in the spring play, I Hate Shakespeare. She can’t wait to rehearse and to support her cast members.

Isaac Nisolo (Romeo) moved here from California in 2021. This is his second play for the NSMS Masquers.

Anabelle Papaleo (Modern Juliet) is so excited for the play and the new memories that will come with it.

Hudson Pasch (Antony) This is Hudson’s first play with the Masquers. She’s very excited to be a part of the play. 

Sinead Reagan (Dick, Zombie) is a sixth grader who plays the role of the bully, Dick. Previous roles include, a villager in The Boy who Cried Wolf, a starfish in The Fisherman and his Wife and also an usher in The Little Mermaid and Urinetown. And remember, don’t be like Dick!

Megan Schaefer (Banquo) This is Megan Schaefer’s second production with the NSMS Masquers. She has been having so much fun and can’t wait for the new experiences to come!

Hope Swinburne (Duncan) is so excited to be able to perform in the play. This is her first play besides doing stage crew. She loves to draw, bake, hang out with animals, write, and ride.

Despina Tagaris (MacDuff) is so excited to be in her first middle school play! She was crew in The Little Mermaid, and now she can’t wait to take the stage in I Hate Shakespeare!

Isabella Thompson (British Literary Historian) is very excited to play this role as it is something funny and surprising. She’s looking forward to working with the cast and having lots of fun!

Lillian Trotta (Paris, Zombie) is very excited to be in the middle school play. This is her second play. She was previously in Guys and Dolls, Bye, Bye, Birdie and more.

Evangeline Wasersztrom (Fleance) was also in The Little Mermaid and is so excited to be doing this play.

Yarabella Yang (Ms. Purdie) is a 6th grader who enjoys playing piano and reading. She is very excited about doing I Hate Shakespeare!