Roy & Betty Ten-Haagen Memorial Scholarship

The Roy and Betty Ten Haagen Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc., was founded in 1993 to honor the memory of their parents by Jon and Peter TenHaagen. It seems a fitting tribute to Roy and Betty’s forty years in the Glen Head community because of their long time involvement with the Glen Players, Inc., a community theater group which also presented scholarships to North Shore students planning to further their education in the performing arts. The Glen Players was incorporated in 1949 and their performances graced the stages of Glenwood Landing School, North Shore High School, and the Wunch Arts Center in Glen Cove for a period spanning 35 years. The Glen Players not only put on plays and musicals, but formed the social network that sustained many of their members beyond the stage.

From our first award in 1994, our scholarship has sought to reward diversity,  excellence, and dedication, and our winners have gone on to study acting, singing, dancing, directing and lighting, as well as other technical areas of theater.  Applications are reviewed by three NSHS Class of 1966 graduates who formed the original board of directors of the Fund. Their life experiences are as varied as our winners’ have been; Pamela Ciri Rothman (our President) was a career educator, Judy Vincent Questo (our Secretary) a creative director in marketing, and Peter TenHaagen (Chairman and CFO) was an operating engineer for 35 years working in entertainment television. Former winners of our scholarship have now joined the board as well;  Jenna Curtis Coote (2004) used her scholarship money to ease the pressure on her family as she roared through Syracuse University leaving no stone of opportunity unturned. She recently took on a new career path as a corporate director and had a baby girl, Milly, in 2018.  Kerri Koczen (2006) after graduating from SUNY Oneonta, went on to start her own production company, Yellow Rose Productions located in Chicago, Illinois. Ryan Gibson (2013) is the Program Coordinator at the New York Institute of Technology on Long Island, New York, and continues to apply her theatrical background working production jobs in the New York City area. Our most recent addition to the board,  Kathleen Lewis (2011), an attorney, graduated from Johns Hopkins University and NYU School of Law, where she was producer and head writer of the NYU Law Revue, a student-written parody musical.  As additions to the board of directors, these four are giving the Ten Haagen Scholarship a bright outlook for the future. 

The scholarship is not restrictive – the money is given to the students directly to defray college expenses in any way they see fit. We award $1,000.00 initially, and to mark our 25th year we increased our follow-up grants from $500.00 to $1,000.00 for each year that our winners remain in school, making the total scholarship valued at $4,000.00. There have been situations where students have changed schools or majors, have taken time off, or went on to pursue graduate studies – we continued to support them regardless. We encourage graduating North Shore seniors to apply for our scholarship no matter where your interest in the performing arts may lie. 

The board of the Ten Haagen Scholarship Fund is saddened to report the passing of co-founder Jon L. Ten Haagen on August 12th of 2020. His efforts were invaluable in getting this enterprise off the ground in 1994 and a plaque in his memory has been added to our winner’s plaque at the theater entrance.

Founding Contributors
Anne L. Zohorsky, DDS
Daniel and Agnes Hohenrath
Carol M. Wadon, MD
James W. North, Jr.
First National Bank of L.I.
John and Martha French
David and Coco Santiago
Anna Golden
The Golden Ring Senior Citizens
Youngs Farm
The Annex
Grace W. Terry
Bruce P. Jaufmann, MD
William and Anne Vincent
Jean and Jim Hall
Jean Coe
North Shore Viking Masquers

Kenneth W. Kraft
Bernard Mintz
Lt. James W. Foster
Gregory A. Levy
Ruth Thorley Levy
Carolyn M. Richards
Roxanne S. Ten Haagen
Steven F. Smith
Alice and Gene Ciri
R.L. Foster, Jr.
Mary Roberts Kostzeski
Edward and Kathryn Roberts
Margaret S. Brown

Emily S. Platt ‘94
Michael Epperhart ‘95
Kathleen M. Clancy ‘96
Maura Mahoney ‘97
Philip Cotty ‘98
Francesca Carillo-Vaccino ‘99
Melanie Haldas ‘00
C. Austin Humphrey ‘00
Jarrod E. Hetzer ‘01
Alexandra Carillo-Vaccino ‘02
Anthony LaPetri ‘03
Jenna Curtis ‘04
Margie Micucci ‘05
Kerri Koczen ‘06
Morgan Smith ‘07
Christopher Bert ‘08
Nicholas Corda ‘10
Christian Petroske ‘10
Kathleen Lewis ’11
Kelsey Gronda ‘11
Cosette Carlomusto ‘11
Matthew Mcgrill ‘11
Anna Shelkin ‘12
Rebecca Warzer ‘12
Ryan Gibson ‘13
Kevin Quinn ‘14
Jeremy Lipton ‘15
Samantha LiVigni ‘15
Marianna Hoitt-Lange ‘16
Michael Russo ‘17
Gabriel Dranow ‘18
Olivia Bross ‘19
Zoe Siegel ‘20
Christina Goslin ’21
Isabel Segal ‘22