Special Thanks

North Shore Schools

Dr. Christopher Zublionis, Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Carol Ann Smyth, Superintendent for Instruction

James Pappas, Superintendent for Business

Dalia Rodriguez, Director of Fine & Performing Arts

North Shore Middle School

Dr. Ryan O’Hara, Principal

Brendan Nelson, Assistant Principal

North Shore Board of Education

Dave Ludmar, President

Andrea Macari, Vice President

Lisa Cashman, Lisa Colacioppo Richard Galati,

Maria Mosca, and Marianne M. Russo, Trustees 

North Shore Arts Angels

Headshots take by Diane Vestuto

Sharon Morello for her constant support behind the scenes.

Megan McCormack, Principal of Sea Cliff Elementary, 

for graciously allowing us to perform on the Sea Cliff stage.

The custodial staff at North Shore Middle School and Sea Cliff Elementary.

Douglas Arena, head custodian at Sea Cliff Elementary, for all his technical support.

Jessica Vestuto for her help with the playbill design.

Margaret DeLima and Caitlin Mallon for their help with artwork and props.

The parents and families of the entire cast: for rearranging
schedules, for all the driving, and for doing everything it takes
so that your child shines onstage.